About SETIS™

What is SETIS™ ?

SETIS™ is a novel concept within TIS technology, using the Twin-bottles principle of two connected vessels (plant material and growth media vessels). Most of the problems and disadvantages of either the commercialized and self-built TIS bioreactors have been solved. Every detail of SETIS™ has been designed to fulfill the requirements of both the plant material and the user.

TIS technology has been highly optimized, developing the ideal TIS system for biomass and massive plant micropropagation.

Standard, ready-to-use, simple, durable, secure and optimal design. This is SETIS™

Parts of SETIS™ bioreactor

SETIS™ has a very simple and safe setup, with a minimum of parts compared to any other bioreactor.

Only six components to have a 'state-of-the-art' bioreactor.


Components of SETIS™

How it works

Stationary phase

No compressed air is supplied. Growth media remains in the media vessel and plant material whithin a gas environment. Bioreactor is moslty during this phase.

Immersion phase

Compressed air is supplied into the media vessel in order to transfer growth media to the upper culture vessel. Plant material remains under a liquid environment and nutrients uptake takes place.

Drain phase

Growth media returns by gravity force to the media vessel.

Ventilation phase

Compressed air is supplied into the culture vessel in order to renew its internal gas environment.


Advantages of SETIS™

  • Fully autoclavable
  • Minimum number of components
  • Long lifetime
  • Ideal volume for mavise micropropagation
  • Maximum use of shelf space
  • Easy assembly and handling
  • Maximum light usage
  • Very low air pressure required
  • Excellent drainage by gravity force
  • Simple, secure & efficient

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