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SETIS™ Software

Included in Control Unit

Automation is an important component of any advanced TIS installation. The link has to be perfect, between pneumatics elements, computer intelligence and user protocol desires, in order to precisely control bioreactor’s operation.

SETIS™ Software is exaclty this ideal link. Specifically developed for SETIS™ bioreactors, it includes all features a user would need for a simple and robust automation.


Why using SETIS™ Software?


User Downloads

SETIS™ Update Utility. Click here to download the application and further install in your PC.

Using this application users can update, backup and restore their software/installations. Software is for the moment only available for Window OS. Follow these steps:

  1. Make connection with the local network where the SETIS™ control is connected.
  2. Open the SETIS™ Update Utility software.
  3. Enter the local IP address of the control on the top bars.
  4. Choose on the top tabs accorind to desired process (update/backup/restore).
  5. Choose destination or source for generated or used files correspondly.
  6. Start process.


SETIS™ Software update files. Click on bellow files to download.          

              Version 13.3


SD card procedures. Click here to download the guidelines to backup and restore the entire SD card of the SETIS™ control unit.