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Tair connection line

44,00 €

Code: SE-Tair8

The SETIS™ specific compressed air connector to distribute air to each bioreactor.

Compressed air needs to be well ditributed to all bioreactors. This is via air connectors and tubes, which are later connected via a silicone tube to the air filters from each bioreactor.

In order to optimise this step, we have delveloped the SETIS™ Tair connector. Specifically designed for SETIS™ bioreactors.


           - 16x SETIS™ Tair connectors including O-rings
           - 2x silicone caps
           - 2x push-in hand valves
           - 2x push-in T connectors
           - 10x self-drilling screws
           - 5 meters silicone tube


Assembly and installation of the SE-Tair line

Assembly of SETIS™ racks R64 and R32