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Tair connector spare parts

Each part of the Tair connector set can be purchased seperately. For more insights on the assembly of the Tair connector line, click HERE






SE-Tair Tair connector Single Tair connector   2,24 €
SE-HV  Push-in hand valve  2-way Hand valve for 8 mm OD tubing  3,30 €
SE-TpIN  Push-in T-piece  T-shaped connector for 8 mm OD tubing   0,60 € 
SE-LpIN  Push-in L-piece L-shaped connector for 8 mm OD tubing   0,60 €
SE-RCP  Rubber cap 

Cap to close Tair connector terminal

 0,15 €
SE-SW Screw

Self-drilling screw DIN7504M

 0,05 €


All listed prices are excl. VAT and EXW.