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PC-PC silicone glue

11,50 €

Due to wrong manipulations and accidents, air and media connectors can get loose from the vessel body. It doesn't mean that the vessel has to be discarded. There is an option to fix yourself the vessel for further use.

The silicone glue SE-SIG is a good solution. This special silicone can join back the broken connector to conserve its original functionality. The SE-SIG can glue and fill the broken join made with factory glue, resulting in a strong join resistant to autoclave processes and bioreactor manipulations.



How to use the SE-SIG

  1. Once broken, conserve the connector to its corresponding vessel.
  2. Try to remove with a small blade the remains of factory glue at both sites (connector and vessel). Don't worry if you can not remove it all. In this case, just try to find the original position of the connector, so both surfaces match perfectly again.
  3. Clean and dry well all gluing surfaces.
  4. Apply SE-SIG all round to the inner-gluing side of the connector.
  5. Place the connector and twist it a bit to itscloser position to the vessel.
  6. With your finger (wearing gloves), distribute all excess of SE-SIG around the connector base.
  7. Let it dry at room temperature for few days.